Part 2: The Traveling Cake Toppers

August 06, 2012

If you read my handmade wedding, you might recognize our wooden wedding cake toppers that Patricio painted in our likeness.

And if you read Part 1: Road Trips & Travel Tips, then you'll know that we took a road trip across western Canada for two and a half weeks earlier this summer.

I had two special plans in mind for our trip. The first was to bury one of our wedding pins in a film canister at every province line (and ask our friends to geocache for it), but often by the time we realized we had passed a "Welcome to..." sign, we realized how inconvenient it would be to get off the high way and turn around for one exit just to bury something at 3 o' clock in the morning.

Our second idea revolved around the fact that a number of our friends, who were claimed by the western provinces, were unable to make it to our wedding in August 2010. I decided to bring these small pieces of our wedding with us (safely wrapped in a pair of socks) to capture a missed moment from nearly two years ago that we wish we could have shared with those friends.

Rebekah. Reunited after 2.5 years. Kensington, downtown Calgary, AB.
Kiss! Kiss!

My cousin Jordan and husband Daniel. Reunited after 3+ years. Playhouse, in their backyard, Calgary, AB.
Viviana and her husband Jon. Reunited after 6+ years (there were tears). Prince's Island Park, Calgary, AB.
Vanessa. Reunited after 6+ years. Granville Island Toy Store, Vancouver, B.C.
Joseph. Sea Village, Vancouver, B.C.
Matthew. White Rock Beach, White Rock, B.C.
Steven. White Rock Beach, White Rock, B.C.
Meet Joseph, Matthew and Steven. We knew them through our friends Viviana and Vanessa, but did not have the opportunity to meet them in person until after our wedding. We would have loved for them to be there! These incredible young men stuck with us through our entire short stay in Vancouver. Be sure to check out their band Behind Sapphire (I promise they are good).

My brother, John, has been home for over a year ago, but when we got married he was still in California serving a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We wish he could have been there!

And finally, us, holding us, by the Pacific ocean on White Rock Beach. It was my first time seeing the ocean! We were happy to share our amazing journey across Canada with our little wooden selves.

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