Circa 1946

August 08, 2012

Each time I see this photo, I think "Epic grass kiss."
While staying with my dear friend Vivi (who I had not seen in over six years) and her wonderful husband Jon in Alberta, we were treated to a 1940's photo shoot.

If you check out Vivi's vintage blog Ring-A-Ding Dolly! you'll see that this talented and beautiful woman is committed to mid-century vintage fashion. She has a beautiful collection of authentic, feminine dresses and hats. Unfortunately I have baby feet and none of her shoes fit me, so I made do with what I had in my suit case. I felt like such a lady being dolled up! I wish that we lived nearer for her to teach me her ways!

Thanks for viewing! Be sure to check out Vivi's blog Ring-A-Ding Dolly!

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