It's not time to worry yet

September 20, 2013

It's been a hectic week - yesterday was my first evening at home since Sunday. A makeshift closet photo shoot with Emily Jones, childcare for Home Suite Hope, covering for a sick coworker, and dealing with three weeks of laundry have kept me away.

All of this busyness means that we haven't had a chance to have a Tuesdate or any date this week, and all this back to (pre)school sickness has caught up to me just in time for the weekend. I'm now nursing a cold even as I pack to go to Michigan to visit family, hoping there's enough wild oregano oil, lemon juice and ginger to alleviate my suffering before we leave.

I've been reflecting the past few weeks about how settled into my marriage and life I've felt this year. Maybe it's because Patricio finished his studies (for now), or that he started a full-time job, or that I'm not the "breadwinner" anymore on my meagre earnings (I keep asking myself "how the heck were we scraping by?"). Suddenly our way of life seems open to more possibilities - a car, a new apartment, Patricio's skateboard company, further education (for me), a house, a family? It is scary and exciting all at once, and I'm surprised I'm not panicking yet.

It's not time to worry yet.
- Harper Lee

I used to worry about everything, to a paralyzing degree. Nowadays I am still not immune to the concerns of every day of life, or the sudden 3 am panic to the depressing amount left in my cheqing account, or the menace of "the future." I can worry myself in circles and bury myself in a Cake-Boss-marathon-to-distract-me-from-my-problems as well as anyone else.

But from the time that Patricio and I were preparing to get married, I have found great peace in knowing that if I surrender just a little control, just a little of that anxiety that we're all so good at clinging to, and instead focus on what's important... it will all work out

So here's to a happy weekend. And remember:

It will all work out.
- President Gordon B. Hinckley


  1. I just want to say YES in agreement to your quotes. Life is beautiful when we realize how blessed we truly are in all our circumstances. And YAY for the early lives of our marriages. Seriously, I think bucking up and living the tough life now will be worth it down the road - it's all an opportunity for growth. Love you both!

    1. I just wouldn't survive if I didn't adopt a more positive attitude! I agree - it is a real opportunity to grow together, and make things work in all circumstances! Love you too!