Time enjoyed wasting is not wasted (Michigan Trip)

September 27, 2013

I can remember having one proper family vacation as a child - we stayed in a motel with a pool, which is what made it "proper." Even though we never ventured far from home as a family I never felt that I lacked experiences growing up - trips to museums, science centers, pageants, local live theatre, historical villages, wildlife habitats (and so on) kept me well-rounded.

Now, at the age of twenty-five, I've still never been on an airplane, and the furthest I've traveled is within my native country. I would love to travel a littler further from home one day, but for the time-being a weekend trip to anywhere-but-home serves as the perfect mini vacation.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.
- Earl Wilson

This past weekend we took a trip with Nathan and Sacha to Michigan to visit Patricio's relatives. In comparison to our last visit (at the beginning of summer) we were quite inactive and spent most of our time indoors, or curled up on the couch in the evenings to watch movies or reality television.

A vacation is having nothing to do all day and all day to do it in.
- Robert Orben

As we were lazily spread out across the living room sofas and carpet one day, Aunt Monica read aloud an appropriate quote:

Time enjoyed wasting is not wasted.

We met the latest addition to the family: a beautiful four-month-old Australian Shepherd named Bandit. Those icy blues melt my heart. He reminded me of my cats in the way he would just flop down at our feet on his back, the international gesture for "rub my belly, please."

That man of mine travels everywhere with his skateboard.

How cute are Sacha's cropped polka dot jeans? I must have taken two dozen photos of them.

After church on Sunday we made a taco feast (mmmmm!).

When we visited Michigan earlier this year, we went kayaking every day (there's a private lake in the backyard). On our last day I went out in the two-person kayak as a last hurrah to summer. The sun was shining, and the moon was out - just perfect.

Sacha, giving her bling a little air.

A Gumby chew toy reverted me back to my childhood on a quick visit to a pet store. Patricio and I both have the fondest memories of watching The Gumby Show as children.

To say that I had fun with Gumby would be an understatement. I was giggling hysterically as he "photobombed" every single picture that I took.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. (To those who care:) We have (again) moved our date night to tomorrow, as I'll be helping with Home Suite Hope on Tuesdays for the next six weeks. After that, we'll be back on schedule!

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