Tuesdate: Archie's & Sidewalk Chalk

September 12, 2013

We've been eyeing Archie's Ice Dream & Jelly Beans since it opened a few months ago. The colourful 50s reminiscent soda pop/ice cream parlour/burger shop wasn't originally meant to be Archie themed, but when community members began to bring in Archie paraphernalia the shop quickly took shape - the walls now feature framed Archie comics, there's a "life-size" Archie cut out, and the "waitresses" wear cheerleader uniforms with either Betty or Veronica (dependant on hair colour, of course) stitched on the front.

Confession: I still have a box full of all my old Archie comics. Is it okay that, even as a brunette, I always rooted for Betty? I just thought she was a nicer person!

For our Tuesdate this week Patricio thought we ought to stop peeking in through the windows of Archie's each time we walk by, and find out, once and for all, if we could eat anything there. We were greeted by the manager, who enthusiastically prepared a veggie dog and veggie burger when we said that we were vegan, thoroughly scrubbing down the grill before cooking them (two big thumbs up). We admired the wide selection of Pop Shoppe sodas and jelly beans, and split a Lime Ricky.

Afterwards, we took a walk around the block. Patricio unexpectedly pulled a box of sidewalk chalk from his backpack and, after finding a quiet street, we doodled until it was dark. As a preschool teacher, and a former nanny, I've done my fair share of sidewalk chalk art in my adulthood - it always leaves me feeling a bit nostalgic and child-like.

I'm going to miss these long summer days in a couple of weeks. We've had a truly memorable summer, and I'm sad to see it go. I tend to be a winter shut-in, so fingers crossed this hot autumn weather lasts - and also that I can brave the inevitable cold to even leave the house for date night. At least I'll be able to wear all of my summer-neglected sweaters again.

Here's to nine more calendar days of summer!

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  1. I lived for Archie comics well into my teens. One day I hope to find my old box of comic books....

    Also, sidewalk chalk is the best. Great artwork.