All Hallow's Eve

October 31, 2013

We just got back from a romantic walk in the rain. We were attempting to take at least one photograph of our Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky couples costumes in the great outdoors, but the weather and the fast-fading evening light were not on our side (hence the unfocused, blurry photo taken under a bridge).

Maybe we'll try again this weekend - we can't help but want to properly document our award-winning effort this year (here).

Much like tonight, it was pouring rain when we saw Moonrise Kingdom on opening night in downtown Toronto. A normally twenty minute bus ride took over an hour, but it was well worth it. Patricio and I are now bracing ourselves for the excitement of Wes Anderson's upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

We're about to settle in now to watch some spooky movies (I can't handle scary). Have a wonderful (and safe) night, whatever your plans are!