Behind the Scenes

October 25, 2013

I tagged along with Emily Jones on one of her creative shoots this week at OCADU. These photographs are the result of me playing with her 50mm f/1.8 lens behind-the-scenes while she worked. Please be sure to check out her blog (here) to see her pictures from the shoot.

Patricio and I recently upgraded our every day camera to a Canon Rebel T3i, which is a whole lot more camera than I'm used to (I barely passed my high school photography class with a homemade pinhole camera). In an effort to capture and remember the more beautiful moments in my life I've slowly been learning more, and Emily has been kind enough to let me test out her lenses and pick her brain (on things I know I MUST have read in the manual, but seem less gibberish if someone just explains them to me).

My best friend, Sacha, was the make-up artist for this shoot. The model was Elena (one of NEXT Models "New Faces" in Toronto) - you couldn't make this drop dead gorgeous woman look bad even if you tried. And styling by Ga La!

How cute is she?!!

I've mentioned this before, but: How lucky am I to be surrounded by such talented, creative individuals?

Love this girl. Such a goof.

On another note: It's been a hard week. I feel like it should have been Friday two days ago. Nothing outstandingly bad has happened, but I have felt the weight of all the little things (a persistent sore throat, making the change from fall jacket to winter coat, waking up before the sun rises) and I'm ready for those two magical days that somehow reset the accumulated stress from the work week.

I hope that you have a restful weekend! We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night, and are (as usual) finishing our costumes last minute.


  1. Wow, you took some gorgeous shots yourself! These are beautiful :) Love having a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes.

  2. Teach me how to post pics side by side!


    1. The way that I post pictures side by side is changing the measurements of the picture in the HTML. You can do this by pressing the "HTML" tab instead of the "Compose" tab while writing a post. Look for the "width" of the picture you want to post side by side - you may have to play with the number a bit, depending on your layout (for me, it's 196) to make them fit on the same line.

      Hope that helps!