Date Night: "Blind" Portraits

October 18, 2013

It's been almost two months since we renewed our dedication to date night. We have had to be flexible about which night we hold it on, since I've been working Tuesday (Tuesdates) evenings. These shorter autumn days have also been kicking our butts in terms of energy levels, and by the time we shower and make/eat dinner, we just crawl into bed and stream our favourite television shows on Patricio's Macbook until we fall asleep. It's been brutal, but we've been taking our Vitamin D drops and adjusting to waking up in the dark, and are finally starting to feel ourselves again.

In the spirit of taking things easy, last night we set up date night on the dining room table, right after we cleared our dinner dishes.

These were blind portraits. We looked at each other for ten seconds, and then closed our eyes and sketched each other. Then we sketched ourselves with our eyes closed using our opposite hands (and also our cats, of course). These are both basic exercises that Patricio has done while in school.

Top: Patricio's blind portrait of me
Bottom: My blind portrait of Patricio
I think that we can all agree that I have a bright future in restoring century old paintings of Jesus, and that Patricio was clearly cheating (he wasn't, but how!)

After laughing hysterically at the results for a while, we painted them with water colours (with our eyes open, though I'd like to pretend mine were painted with my eyes closed - but I can laugh at my own lack of skill, no big deal).

I love how this one turned out. Patricio drew it with his eyes closed, using his opposite (left hand). It reminds me of David Tenant.

I love the detail of Patricio's shirt buttons going onto his face. Also, his facial hair - I mean, what is happening there?

I love Patricio's blind portrait of Henry. He is such a little bugger.

Our final results. I don't think that I need to remind you that Patricio has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting.

I am so thankful that Patricio and I can genuinely enjoy something as simple as drawing and painting a couple goofy pictures together. I'm going to work hard to make sure that never changes.

Oh, and I have to add these two photographs of Patricio "doodling" with water colours after we were finished. I just love when he paints (and when he wears my favourite chambray shirt). And right after this he made apple pie, so I'm pretty in love.

Have a great weekend! Do something special with someone you love (it doesn't have to be extravagant!)!

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