Five Minutes

October 31, 2013

I am not a craft-y person. I've mentioned before that I generally lack the patience to create something that I am truly proud of. And, I'll admit, there is also a small (or maybe larger than I think) part of me that worries what others will think of what I've created.

But when Halloween comes around, I feel like I can whip out my glue gun judgement-free, in the frenzy of other hastily made costumes. And while there are many reasons that I dislike Halloween, I do love it as a chance to playfully express myself.

Last year I fashioned a pair of oversized Minnie Mouse ears in a few minutes with some cardboard, felt, and an old plastic headband. Threw on one of my polka dot dresses, clipped in a red bow from American Apparel, and voila!

This year, for my preschool class annual Halloween party, I had the idea to be a flower (all those girly-girl three year olds are rubbing off on me), but (surprise, surprise) forgot about it until the night before. Luckily, as an Early Childhood Educator, I've collected a stash of craft materials over the years, and had some leftover cheap (so so cheap) fabric flowers and leaves from Dollarama.

I hot glued the fabric flowers to an old unused plastic headband. It took all of five minutes.

I wore the headband with a floral dress I bought on sale from H&M a few years ago, and a pair of $5 green tights from ASOS - upgraded from flower to "flower garden" (or "Flower Princess Robin" as one of my students called me).

I'll be the first to admit that the finished look may have been a bit too pretty-pretty for a costume - my coworkers either thought I wasn't dressed up at all, or that I was a "Hawaiian girl." Oi. But what's a forgetful procrastinator to do? It is what it is!

I can be proud of anything that I made in 5 minutes at 11 o' clock at night, right?

P.S. I've been admiring the growing floral crown trend for a while, and now that I've clumsily stumbled into it, I may have to try it out again with some more realistic-looking silk flowers. Check out these 6 DIY Floral Crown Tutorials if you feel the same way!

And while we're on the topic of flowers, have you seen this? Beauty overload.