Moonrise Kingdom

November 04, 2013

The first time that I saw a Wes Anderson film, I felt overwhelmed. I was so struck with the aesthetic - the colours, the symmetry, the whimsy, the attention to detail - that I knew I would have to revisit it many times over to begin to get a grasp on its visual and emotional impact. Since then, I have become increasingly aware of the great influence Anderson's body of work has in the art world (Spoke Art's exhibits are among my favourites). 

We were among the throng of fanatics that flooded Instagram with #moonrisekingdom photographs this Halloween season. I couldn't help but feel connected with these other individuals who have been touched and inspired by Anderson's films. There is a universal language which a truly great aesthetic can speak, from a truly gifted artist.

We have a tendency to wait until last minute to finish most things. Luckily, in a moment of delirious clarity, I purchased a cheap dress and a synthetic coonskin cap online a few months ago in preparation for this year's Halloween costumes... and then (of course) waited until the night before/day of a friend's Halloween party to frantically round up the final details (i.e. hand painting and hand sewing on badges, tracking down an elusive pair of binoculars).

We indulged in our own creative vanity, hiked down to the muddy creek nearby with our tripod, and took a few photographs to record our most successful couples costume to date (in our humble opinions).

Between running back and forth in the mud to reset the camera timer, Patricio forgot that he had taken his glasses off. We lost daylight before we noticed (much to Patricio's disappointment).

Faux Coonskin Cap: Friendly Earth Coon Caps
Dress: Yesstyle (worn with white button-up shirt)


  1. This is so perfect! I think you guys pulled it off so well :) Happy (late) Halloween!

    1. Thank you, Kristyn. We're still just a couple of big kids when it comes to playing dress up. Happy belated Halloween to you too!