Quiet Weekend

November 11, 2013

On Friday I overheard someone saying that there are only seven weeks left of 2013. How can that be? All at once, I'm disappointed with how little I've accomplished and fondly thinking of all the things that I've done this past year. I know that this type of reminiscing is often saved for nearer to New Year's Eve, but it's never too early to start considering the things that you want to do in the future - and, if you're like me, to start making a list of those things to mull over.

Patricio and I haven't spent many weekends at home since the beginning of summer, always gallivanting into the city to see friends or go to events. Now, with the shorter days and cooler weather, our social activities have begun to quieten and we're finding more excuses to stay close-by our little apartment that we call home - excuses like "gardening," attending our own chapel, spending time with our sweet felines, and cooking our favourite meals. I was also lucky enough to have separate visits from Nirvana, and Sacha. It was the perfect, quiet weekend that we needed.

We dragged the rarely-used dining room table away from the wall for Thanksgiving last month and haven't bothered to put it back. Instead we've been using it as a work desk/art space/place to eat meals (savages that we are, we eat most of our meals on the sofa). I'm amazed at how moving one piece of furniture can transform how I feel about, or how I use, a space. We were so accustomed to using that dining area for Patricio's easel, art supplies and projects while he was in school, that it hadn't occurred to us that we might use the space differently now.

There's been this pleasant shift in our relationship lately, where we "collaborate" more in our creative efforts. Patricio used to finish his art assignments when I was at work while I would only pursue writing when he was at school, perhaps a little self-conscious of each other's presence.  The creative process can be such a personal thing, it takes a lot of courage to share with others, but we've eased into this comfortable space where we can share ideas, ask each other's opinions, and give each other advice when it comes to our chosen mediums - and not have to wait until the other leaves the house to feel inspired.

I hope that your week is going well so far. Today we made red poppies with our preschool class to show our respect for those who have served to protect our rights and freedoms.


  1. I love quiet weekends at home. Ours was like that this weekend (and we had Friday and Monday off work!).

    PS I love the magnificent trophy on display on the shelf in the backround of the photo of Patricio at the table.

    1. It's just so wonderful to be able to putter around without anywhere to go!

      I wondered if you would notice that familiar eyesore - thanks for passing the torch to us this year, haha.

  2. i need that baby cactus... STAT! Also im so glad that you two are feeding off of each other's creative vibes. its a good change of pace, im sure. Hope your week has been fab.

    staci :)

    1. That little baby cactus has grown quite a pointed little "hat" since this photo was taken. Too cute.

      Thanks for stopping by, Staci!