2013 Highlights

December 31, 2013

Looking back on 2013, I realized that I didn't have much to look back on. Not because nothing happened, but because I have been a lousy journal keeper, and took hardly any photographs until upgrading to a DSLR in the summer. All I have to show for it is what I've documented on this blog over the past few months. We'll do better next year (tomorrow!), promise.

Some highlights:

1 / I gained a sister (photo credit: Simply Emily)
2 / We won a mini session with Emily Jones of Simply Emily.
3 / Revisited our honeymoon in Montreal.
4 & 5 / Celebrated our 3-year anniversary at 1 King West, and went to the ROM.
6 & 7 / Took two trips to Michigan, after finally getting our passports.
8 & 9 / Nuit Blanche.
10 / One of my dearest friends and her husband moved to Ontario. We also hosted our first official Thanksgiving dinner with them.
11 / We were obsessed with our Halloween costumes.
12 / We saw Evil Dead: The Musical, and many other great dates!
13 / I donated 12" of my hair (well, I've yet to mail it off).
14 / We had the best Christmas ever.

Other highlights:
∇ Patricio turned 30 in January!
∇ I turned 25 in June (I still can't get used to that).
∇ Patricio graduated OCADU.
∇ Patricio started a full-time-with-benefits job, hooray!

2013, you've been a good one. Cheers.

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