St. Lawrence Market

December 31, 2013

We had some friends visiting from out west over the holidays. On a weekend we spent an afternoon with them, and Sacha, in St. Lawrence Market and The Distillery District in Toronto. The weather was mild, and there seemed to be a lull in the city in the aftermath of the holidays, which allowed us to explore some little shops and enjoy the sights without much fuss.

As we extended our Twelve Dates of Christmas till the year's end, this made Date Seven - a date with friends. We sadly only made it this far. Better luck this year!

With so many interesting things to see I sadly forgot to take many photographs of us or our friends, aside from their sweet son. (Also, I think I have a thing for horizontal photographs?). Walking through the city with a child allowed for a different perspective from my usual rush-to-here-from-there attitude. It made me slow down and to notice things I probably would have passed by if I'd been on my own. I guess I better get me one of those soon.

I always see something new at St. Lawrence Market. Like these fresh peppercorns from Selsi Sea Rocks. I always assumed that peppercorns were a seed from a pepper (insert pause for amazement at my stupidity) - you learn something new every day.

Toronto Mayor Tom Ford illustrated by the talented Ralph Steadman ("Rob Ford: Thinking Big) on the cover of Now (read more here).

C. was quite enamoured with Sacha, wanting to hold her hand. He also thought that Patricio was her dad. "My dad is with your dad." My heart.

Also, when we were dropped off at church Sunday morning, C. asked us "Are you getting married here?" My heart burst from the cuteness. I have photographs of me holding him in my wedding dress from our wedding day- excuse me while I go look at them and have one those "I feel so old/Stop growing up so fast" moments.

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