It's that time of year.

December 04, 2013

I've already heard a few Scrooges bah-humbugging the early Christmas festivities this year. I may never be able to get my act together when the holidays come around, but I do truly love Christmas in all it's overblown, glittery glory. I can't help but admire, and slightly envy, anyone who is on the ball enough to have their decorations up this early... or at all! I always wonder if the motivation and talent to transform our home for any given holiday will ever come to us. I just don't know, guys.

Each year,  in our varying degrees of holiday unpreparedness, we at least put up that tiny Christmas tree (^^peeking into frame above) that I've had since I was a kid. It's a little sad and falling-part, but it makes me smile with it's tiny plastic ornaments. It just isn't Christmas until the miniature Christmas tree makes an appearance.

The other night we made the most un-Christmas-colour-themed pom pom garland while listening to Christmas albums. Henry and Oscar got involved... because yarn. The mixture of fluffy pom poms and curious cats was just the cutest thing. Life is always a little brighter with those two around.

All of these wonderfully cheery-coloured  imported yarns are from a giant bag that Patricio bought for me for $4.50 from a thrift shop a few months ago. I saved all the trimmed bits in a bowl because I love the mixture of colours. I'll likely end up using them for a craft with my preschool class.

I had never made pom poms before, and I'm still not sure if I have the hang of it, but I sort of love the raw, imperfectness of them. I left them all different sizes, and you can easily tell which ones are from when I started to get the hang of it. They remind me of the imperfect, one-of-a-kind hand-sewn flowers we made for our wedding decorations.

Oscar was just begging for them at the table - he kept snatching pom poms and running off with them in his mouth.

Oscar was looking up longingly once we hung the garland far, far, far out of their rascally reach.

Happy Wednesday!

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