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December 23, 2013

With the 25th fast approaching, I know that time is about to slip away from me in a whirlwind of gift wrap and family dinners, and I'll be struggling come New Year's Day to piece together what I've done, who I've seen, and where I got this assorted box of truffles from. In this moment of quiet I'd like to record a few little things that have made up our Christmas this so far year.

∇ We bought our first living "Christmas" tree: An 8" lemon cypress from Whole Foods. We chose a small, living tree because we can keep it around long after the holidays, assuming that I don't kill it, or the cats don't eat it (which they desperately want to). It also smells like citrus heaven! I'm debating decking it out with a pom pom garland.
∇ Our decorative theme this year seems to be pinecones. They are scattered everywhere in the apartment - my sister brought me some that are big as my face!
∇ We had friends over last weekend for our annual Christmas movie marathon. Amongst the mass of other holiday favourites we've taken in, Patricio and I have watched Elf three times, Home Alone twice (and somehow not Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which is my favourite), plus all of the Harry Potter films (one of our traditions).
∇ We've adopted the Twelve Dates of Christmas tradition, which we've extended until the year's end to reach our twelve date goal.
∇ We've been aching to give each other presents early - we're such kids! - but we're anxiously holding out until Christmas Eve, when we can each open one gift. Patricio's family is from Ecuador, and it's tradition to stay up until midnight Christmas Eve to open gifts.

Our church service was cancelled on Sunday due to a 'catastrophic' ice storm that hit Eastern Canada. The internet has flooded with images of trees and power lines snapped in half from the weight of the ice, homes across the GTA without power (even still), and videos of children skating on their streets-turned ice rinks. I haven't even left the apartment since, so I have no photographs of my own to show for it.

I am feeling blessed. Blessed to be safe. Blessed to have so much. Blessed that my power is still on. Blessed that I live close to my family and loved ones - I feel for all those who have cancelled flights and can't get to their families. So blessed - even if I'm nursing a sinus infection (the joys of living in a dry, overheated apartment during the driest season).

Have a beautiful holiday. Stay safe, give your loved ones a great big hug, wear your pyjamas all day, drink hot chocolate, sing carols at the top of your lungs, and don't count calories.

Merry Christmas!

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