A Week of Birthday

January 29, 2014

Without fail, the winter has plagued Patricio's birthday plans in past years. But we caught wise this year (already wise, and the year has just begun!). We didn't put all of our eggs in one basket (or one blow-out party), and instead spread them between the week, and made a collection of small, but meaningful, celebrations. And, in the end, just when we both thought it was over, a surprise party landed in our laps. Imagine that.

One // A trip to Kelly's Bake Shoppe over the weekend.
Two // A date to see Inside Llewyn Davis (which was a flawless medley of literary symbolism, 1950s pop culture homages, and heartache - but a little heavy on the foul language).
Three // A mouthwatering dinner at Lettuce Love Cafe in Burlington (feast your eyes on that California Burger above!).
Four // An evening at home listening to the Tony Sly tribute album (one of Patricio's gifts) followed by chocolate mint "ice cream", and Ghostbusters.
Five // A surprise party at a friend's, which quickly turned into something of a hootenanny. We're feeling thankful for our thoughtful - and a little bit crazy - friends.

(Kudos to anyone who can play a lap steel guitar, because I sure haven't got the knack for it.)

And I'll leave you with just a silly little video of the boy's reimagining of "My Heart Will Go On" if it was sung by Chad Kreuger of Nickelback, and over-the-top flute-playing. Like I said, they're a little bit crazy.

We're having the wind knocked out of us from the cold in these parts. Stay warm, and take care.


  1. ummmmmmmm steel guitar is my favorite instrument...well second. violin is my first.

  2. I LOVE the way that it sounds, but it is so hard to play! Too much finger coordination for this gal.