Week One

January 13, 2014

Our new year crept in quietly - over burgers and hand-cut fries, with lazy mornings, dinners with family and old friends, and staying in bed until after noon. And just when it was time to return to "real life" after our two week repose, winter made it's grand entrance (like we haven't seen in years) with freezing rain, minus-40 temperatures, and roads of sheer ice for days.

We took cue from mother nature, postponed the holiday aftermath of things-to-do and errands-to-be-run, and have eased slowly back into routine. In past years I have found winter to be cold and isolating, inhibiting and endless - now I find it freeing; an open, warm invitation to slow down; a chance to put a few worries-that-can-wait away to hibernate till spring.


  1. Hand-cut friends? Now that's something I need to try...

    1. I cannot count the number of times that I fixed that, and my autocorrect changed it to friends! Yikes!