A Summer Day

March 31, 2014

In early June, on a day that called for rain, but never did, we met with Emily Jones in beautiful Caledon, Ontario, to spend a day kissing in tall grass, and exploring vacated, decaying houses. We were just shy of being married three years, which is not a milestone commonly celebrated, but there were other small causes for joy at that time. Patricio had just graduated, after four gruelling years of university, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts; and I was no longer the breadwinning wife of a student. Cue an overwhelming sigh of relief. We were happier, and freer, and more in love than we had ever been (and as I write this now, I realize the same is true today, though there are no dreamy photographs to show for it).

Thank you, Emily, for capturing and sharing these photographs with us. They are images, and memories, we will treasure forever. (And have inspired me to grow out my fringe again, immediately.)

All photos by: Emily Jones at Simply Emily Photography.