Date Night: Gairloch Gardens

June 11, 2014

Since yesterday was The Grand Spring Cleaning: Round Two (another carload donated) - not to mention grocery day, errand day, overdue blood work day - I'm still feeling mighty productive (and a bit smug about it), and updating my blog is contributing to that productivity, right? Right.

I know I made some grand reinstatement of date-night nearing the end of last year, and, well, my diligence to keep up on sharing those little dates tapered off around, oh, February, probably. But they've been going on strong in the background, for the record. Just not on a Tuesday, or any other regular, scheduled day of the week, to be honest. We just take them as they come, and lately they have often been in the form of evening hikes or lakeside walks. It is so important to set aside this time with each other, no matter how simple the activity, to disconnect with the rest of the world, and reconnect with each other.

When the Magnolia trees were still in bloom, we went for a magical walk in Gairloch Gardens. I say magical, because the sun and clouds had collaborated to create the most beautiful, dreamy light, and because we managed to see the magnolias only days before they faded away (and because it's been long enough that I can barely remember how many swarms of gnats were attacking us).

^^ That flower-sniffing photo caused quite a hubbub on IG. #savethesniffer

Have a lovely week!