New York, Part III

July 15, 2014

On our first day touring Manhattan solo, just the two of us, we wandered for ten hours in 90 degree humidity. We like to get to know a city by just exploring it for a day with no real agenda, no set plan, and see what we find - sometimes a whole lot of nothing - but we always seem to get something out of it! We took in whatever sights we came across until our heels ached and we finally collapsed from exhaustion in Battery Park.

The NBC studio tours are unfortunately closed due to construction until later this year.

Jeff Koons's "Split-Rocker" is currently on display in front of 30 Rockefeller plaza.

If you ever need a moral boost, head over to FAO Schwartz as soon as they open at 10:00. You are greeted with cheers, clapping and high fives from the entire store staff. Best way to start the day. We popped in just to see the piano from Big (which seemed so much smaller than the version in my memory).

Being a real tourist beneath Olaf Breuning's Clouds  that "hang" over the Central Park southeast corner.

We were sure to walk by 55 Central Park West (aka "Spook Central"), the Tavern on the Green, and the Holy Lutheran Trinity Church (all from Ghostbusters). Unfortunately there was road construction occurring in front of the building, and didn't make for a nice photograph.

We ate lunch at Candle Cafe in the Upper East Side. Tofu club sandwich. Guh. Delicious.

We took the 6 train to the Brooklyn Bridge, bought an overpriced Italian Ice from a vendor at the first arch, and turned back as it began to rain.

Even though we knew beforehand that there was construction beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, Patricio had lugged his skateboard with him all day in hopes that there might be a small portion of the Brooklyn Banks (a famous skateboarding spot) available to skate. Unfortunately the whole area was fenced off. Poor Patricio.

But Patricio's mood quickly picked up again when he was asked to be a contestant on a NatGeo 90's Pop Culture quiz show they were holding by South Street Seaport Museum. He won a few trinkets.

We ended our evening watching the boats in Battery Park, as the sun peeked in and out of threatening rain clouds. We considered taking the Ferry to Liberty Island, but the ticket booth was closed. We were just so tired of walking at this point, so we sat for a while in the shade and (big surprise!) admired the flowers.

A kind stranger approached me and complimented me just as I was feeling a little disheveled and defeated.

We got on our train back to Patricio's family's house just as the first of a three-day series of thunderstorms began. Altogether a satisfying and exhausting day spent in Manhattan.

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