Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.

August 11, 2014

There is a question that we are frequently asked about our vegan lifestyle: "What do you eat?" Well, this beautiful, mouthwatering peach crumble donut, for example - that is something that we eat (among many other things). And so can you, if you head over to TBC Vegan. Their donuts are the biggest I have ever seen!

We went on a little date there over the long weekend before I started back up at work again. I mistakenly took off the entire month of July off of work with grand plans to accomplish and do a hundred things - but I forgot how poorly I use my free time if I have too much of it, and I mainly accomplished getting caught up on television shows, binge watching The Killing, and hanging out with my cats. I never thought I would be this thankful to be back to work - I need that routine and momentum in my life.

We also ordered sandwiches - a vegan Philly Cheese Steak and a Reuben Sandwich.

On the holiday Monday we drove to Port Dover. The sun was shining and Lake Erie was surprisingly warm. I am not much of a beach bum, but it was the perfect lazy day to catch some rays and watch Patricio skim board in the tide. (Meanwhile, in East Toronto, four people were hit by lightning during a severe thunderstorm, yikes!)

We hope you're having a wonderful summer so far!


  1. That bathing suit! Ugh, in love. Where is it from? I need some high-waisted bottoms.

    Lovely photos, as always.

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