25 Weeks

January 22, 2015

I always pictured myself better at being pregnant. And by that I mean, still being able to live my life to relatively the same standard that I was living before, with the addition of a tiny human being growing inside of me. But, as it turns out, pregnancy almost immediately became my universal excuse for feeling and behaving like a different, barely functional person. So, this is my all-encompassing explanation for being an unproductive, social recluse for the past few months: I'm pregnant.

I am going to try my best to share a weekly bump update from now on. I found a few blogs that had a similar list of questions/prompts, and have chosen a couple to answer each week.

How far along?: 25 weeks. I finally "popped" at 23 weeks enough that I no longer have to tell most people that I'm pregnant. Though I still get the occasional "I'm not even pregnant and I'm showing more than you."

Total weight gain: 8 lbs.

How I'm feeling: Less nauseous these days, but more tired.

How I'm changing: My belly still seems to be growing at a snail's pace compared to some of my other pregnant friends. None of my bras fit anymore, and I've had to retire a few shorter shirts that can't cover the bottom of my belly anymore.

What I'm eating: I had to overhaul my entire diet at 7 weeks, because I could no longer handle any acidic or citrus, as well as spicy, greasy or processed foods. My diet these days consists mainly of bread, rice, pasta or potatoes, with a variation/combination of broccoli, corn, chickpeas, tofu. I also drink a lot of water and diluted apple juice. Every week I try to reintroduce something I haven't tried for a weeks - this week I'm going to try bananas again!

Movement: It sometimes feels, and looks, like this baby is renovating my uterus. I can almost always feel him/her rolling around or kicking and punching - it's a comforting feeling!

Cravings: Lately, Patricio's homemade pizza or homemade pasta sauce - both of which I haven't had in months (pregnant stomach can't handle tomatoes, garlic or onions).

Missing anything?: Just the freedom to eat what I want without worrying about being sick later.

Favourite moment: Since this is my first bump update, I'll share my favourite moment from several weeks back, in week 12, when I saw the baby during my IPS ultrasound. The baby was using it's tiny legs to repeatedly launch off one side of my uterus to head butt the other side. I was so amazed at how much movement I was already seeing from something that was still barely a person - and also a little nervous if that same type of bouncing-off-the-walls energy will eventually translate to a very hyperactive child!

Looking forward to: Patricio's birthday tomorrow!


  1. Yes! Please do this every week. So fun reading about and seeing Baby grow.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!

    We're going to be Momma's around the same time ;)

    I'll be 29 weeks on Saturday!
    Hugs & Prayers to you + baby