28 Weeks

February 12, 2015

How far along?: 28 weeks (third trimester, woo!)

Total weight gain: 13 lbs

How I'm feeling: Physically exhausted most of the time. I've been napping more, even though there is usually a barf session as soon I wake up (my pregnant stomach does not like naps!). A little lightheaded, a little sore, a little twinge of lower back pain every now and then.

How I'm changing: My belly is growing more every day! I have a small identity crisis every time I look through my closet - fewer and fewer viable options every week, but I'm still holding out purchasing any maternity wear.

What I'm eating: Rice, spinach and tofu almost every day last week. This week it's been rice with broccoli and corn in tortilla wraps, and lots of raw spinach with almonds and raisins. And so, so much dark chocolate.

Movement: You know that feeling of leaving your stomach behind when you're in an elevator? I get that a lot lately when the baby suddenly lurches to one side while I'm just standing there, going about my day. Baby is still active as always, pushing and kicking and making my belly ripple.

Cravings: Crunchy, salty peanut butter anything. Patricio specially ordered a couple boxes of these for me from our local grocery store to satisfy that craving. Mmm.

Missing anything?: Patricio made himself a Mexican horchata the other night (triggered by the mention of horchata on an episode of Elementary), and the smell of the cinnamon on his breath smelled like the most delicious thing ever. This happens often, where he'll be eating something I haven't been able to stomach in months, and it smells like complete heaven. I miss all of it, all the delicious foods that I'm going to gorge on, defying any need to lose baby weight, in a few months.

Looking forward to: A nice, low-key Valentines Day/Family Day long-weekend with Patricio. We are trying to enjoy all of our "lasts" - our last of all things to do on our own as a couple before we have a sweet little one to share them with.


  1. ROBIN! You look beautiful!! Congrats!I miss you! Love reading your updates. We should have a skype visit !!

    1. Guh! Thank you, Amanda! It's so good to hear from you - I miss you too! And yessss please!

  2. Hmmm... I just tried to comment and it made an error, lame.
    Anyway, congrats on writing a brutally honest and fantastic pregnancy blog. You're amazing, you look fantastic, and I can't wait to meet your little bundle of sweetness.

  3. Also, what's lens did you use for this? 50mm?

    1. This was the 35mm (a Sigma lens that Patricio bought as a birthday present for me). The aperture is bigger (1.2) and the wider lens makes it much easier to take photos in small indoor conditions. (But the 50mm is still my favourite!)