30 weeks

February 26, 2015

How far along?: 30 weeks!

Total weight gain: 16 lbs

How I'm feeling: I've been a bit hard on myself during this first pregnancy for not feeling up to doing more (going out, seeing friends, exercising, taking time to create, photograph, write, etc) - the chronic nausea and exhaustion have just really knocked me off my feet. I remember just before I found out I was pregnant, I felt so unbearably depressed at my sudden complete lack of energy and drive to do all the things that I loved doing. But I've settled into understanding that this is what my body needs right now - it has been blatantly telling me to slow down and rest, and everything else can just hold on for a second, thanks.

How I'm changing: Growing, growing, growing, and feeling this sense of pride and a bit of shock at this expanding bump! I really feel like I've earned this belly, honestly - after it being gently mocked and scoffed at for months as "not a bump," and being told by coworkers that they looked more pregnant than me and they weren't even pregnant. So, after suffering from some serious, SERIOUS belly envy, and withstanding some light teasing at my not-a-bump, I've finally begun to get the scrutinizing "Is she pregnant?" stares and congratulations. And even if they still think I'm small for 30 weeks, at least this bump I've been working on is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves. Ha! 

Oh, but not feeling so proud of the sudden arrival of love handles. Blah. It inspired a dream where I looked like Jenna Maroney during her "me want food" phase on 30 Rock and that I was exercising off the extra weight in a purple 80s bodysuit with a flowy sheer cape. Pregnancy dreams, man.

What I'm eating: Mostly wraps still (brown rice, steamed broccoli, spinach or corn). That oh-so-glamourous vomit-inducing acid reflux has started to come back with a vengeance this week, so I've been eating smaller portions, and not being too adventurous with meals. But last week was a good week, and I was able to stomach pancakes and fresh blueberries, strawberries and blackberries without any regrets, hooray!

Movement: This busy little one is moving as much as ever. Sometimes I just feel a little rhythmic pulse/beat for a minute for two, like the baby is just repeatedly kicking the same spot.

Missing anything?: A good night's sleep! This week has been a bit restless. Which is just "preparing me for motherhood" says every person ever when I tell them that I didn't sleep well.

Looking forward to:
Just getting to meet this little one in only a couple more months! Everything is moving so fast and slow at the same time.

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