33 Weeks

March 22, 2015

General update: It has been a busy past few weeks! We are a little less than two weeks away from moving to a bigger apartment (about 10 minutes from where we are living now). My obstetrician has been regularly monitoring whether my low placenta will call for a cesarean-section, in-between my now bi-weekly OBGYN visits, and follow-ups with a doctor who specializes in blood disorders during pregnancy. I think I sort of thrive on last-minute deadlines and working under pressure, because these past few weeks of constant packing, ultrasounds and appointments have had me feeling more energetic and productive than I was feeling during my last two trimesters combined.

How far along?: 33 (and a half) weeks

Total weight gain: 18 lbs

How I'm feeling: I went through a phase where I could only sleep for four hours a night and was somehow still functional, but I am now, thankfully, back to full nights sleep, more or less.

How I'm changing: Growing every day - borrowed some maternity shirts from my sister-in-law, Sacha! Physical movement in general has started to become uncomfortable and a bit awkward. Putting on socks or shoes puts me out of breath, not to mention climbing the two flight of stairs to our apartment. Oh, and Patricio laughed when he saw my belly button the other day. It hasn't popped out, just sort of filled in and become flat, which looks pretty silly.

What I'm eating: Not much that I'm very excited about - it's all become so repetitive. Potatoes, rice, broccoli, tofu, spinach in various combinations, with a little salt and Earth Balance. I constantly daydream about all the food I'm going to eat once this little one arrives.

Movement: A friend of mine pointed out that the repetitive pulsing movement I was feeling a few weeks ago is most likely hiccups! Little baby hiccups! Adorable. Other than that, big tidal waves of movement. 

Favourite moment: I've had 2/3 of my baby showers in the past week, and getting all this adorable new baby stuff is very exciting! We are feeling very blessed and loved to have so many generous friends and family members. Thank you everyone!

Looking forward to: Moving into our new two-bedroom apartment and setting up baby's room! I've heard that the last month of pregnancy can feel like time has stood still in anxious anticipation, but it may just fly by when we still have so much to do!

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