36 weeks

April 11, 2015

General Update: It's been a busy past few weeks! Today was my maternity shoot (with Emily and Sacha) and also my last baby shower. Last week I said goodbye to my coworkers and students (who spoiled me with gifts and Kelly's Bakeshop cupcakes!), and I officially started my maternity leave. And then that same afternoon we moved to our new apartment!

How far along?: 36 1/2 weeks (less than 4 weeks left, what?!!)

Total weight gain: 20 lbs

How I'm feeling: My belly feels like it's being stretched so thin some days - so much movement and growth! I've had big spurts of energy, which really helped during our move last week, but I've had to slow down because I was spending so much time on my feet that one of my ankles swelled up temporarily. 

How I'm changing: Well, my bellybutton is starting to pop out! And I am so, so unmistakeably pregnant - that belly is getting more large and in charge every day, and have begun to do the "pregnant waddle." 

What I'm eating: I've been eating Bartlett pears almost every day for the past three weeks. And such insane amounts of broccoli and potatoes still - this baby is gonna love broccoli and potatoes, guys. Suddenly bread doesn't sit very well with me, so I have to take it easy.

Movement: The baby's movements are feeling stronger and even larger - at my latest ultrasound the sonographer showed me just how little space is left, and commented that I probably feel constant movement because my belly wall is so thin. Every now and then baby has a little dance party that seems to shake my whole body, especially just before I drift off to sleep.

Cravings: All of it. All the food!

Favourite moment: At one of my ultrasounds when the sonographer let me see the baby moving around (to monitor my placenta position) and the baby was "looking at us" with these two big eyes, and kicking and squirming around.

Looking forward to: Painting the nursery and settling into our new apartment!

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