38 weeks

April 24, 2015

These are a few photographs from a quick little at-home maternity shoot with my friends Emily Jones (photographs) and Sacha Ulloa (make-up) from almost two weeks ago. For the past few months I've only focused on taking photographs of my belly, so it was nice to have a few photos of my face again! And I promise I'll try to post a more recent photograph this weekend.

How far along?: 38 weeks and four days

Total weight gain: 23 lbs - Funny story: I went to a different OBGYN this week, because mine was away. As is routine at my regular OBGYN, I weigh myself before I meet with the doctor, and I was appalled to find that their scale seemed to show that I had lost a whopping 7lbs! I measured myself twice in disbelief. Don't worry - when I met with the doctor he quickly assured me that their scale measured on the light side, and not to be alarmed. Phew!

How I'm feeling: A little bittersweet these days. This little one inside of me has become comforting, and I think I'll miss how it feels. And the reality of parenthood has started to kick in - we're going to be meeting this little person very soon, and there are little moments where I feel like I am 100% NOT ready and that the baby should definitely just live inside me indefinitely.

How I'm changing: It feels like nothing much has changed the past two weeks, though I'm sure I've grown a little. "Boring is good in pregnancy" as the nurse at my OBGYN says every week.

What I'm eating: Mushrooms, tofu, spinach and rice. And CLIF bars - specifically the Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt trail mix bar.

Movement: I think that I finally fully understand what people mean when they say that I'm "all baby." This baby has been active from the start, but lately it has become more and more apparent that the baby is right there, with just a few thin layers of skin and fluids separating us. My belly is just a constant tidal wave of motion, little limbs pushing and kicking and protruding.


  1. Cute blog! You're lucky to have only gained 23 pounds. I think I might have gained that the first 3 months. Oh and yes, Clif bars are the best!

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  3. Stunning images. Super simple and classy! You're beautiful. Congrats on the sweet little one :) Excited to continue following your blog!

    xoxo Caylie