A Saturday At Home with Norr Studio

March 14, 2016

A couple weekends ago, just before Ramona turned 10 months old, we spent a Saturday afternoon with Michelle from Norr Studio. It felt nearly impossible to narrow down the images - we just loved them all - and even after doing some serious downsizing, I'm still sharing an obnoxious amount (but hey, it's my blog, and I do what I like).

It takes a serious gift to make the ordinary look beautiful - to walk into a home and simply document what's happening, without staging or taking control over the environment and subjects. I was so floored with how intimately Michelle documented our everyday moments, especially considering it was our first time meeting her. I know these are images that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives.

Amidst these photos you will see:
  • Ramona's love for her papa's guitar, the cats, emptying her dresser drawers, nursing (and holding onto my nose while nursing)
  • Ramona's detest for bibs (hence the nude lunch), having her hands cleaned, and getting dressed
  • How many times in the span of a few hours we take a little nursing breaking
  • The scratch Ramona gave herself on the cheek a few days prior to this shoot
  • How untameable Ramona's hair is
  • Our hideous faux wood closet doors
  • Me doing a silly dance
  • We like stripes (just a little)
  • A whole lotta cheesy lovin'

All photos by Norr Studio.

- "Courage Dear Heart" and Mini Swiss Cross banner - Matriarch Handmade
- Silhouette Portrait of Ramona - A Family Print Shop
- Family Portrait - Tea With Gladys


  1. These images, and your family, are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.