May, a year later

August 03, 2016

May was an eventful month, solely based on the fact that Ramona started walking (if you missed her birthday post, she started on her first birthday, in the middle of her party - little show-stopper). And the timing could not have been more perfect - learning to walk not long after spring arrived and the temperatures rose - we could spend hours and hours outdoors exploring and experiencing things together for the first time - like being rained on by a shedding cherry tree, walking barefoot in the grass, running sand through fingers and toes (and tasting it too!). We have been able to fully experience the season that she was born in, exactly a year later.

She has thrived being able to move around in the world in a way that allows her to be more independent, and we've been so happily busy all summer long that I'm hopelessly behind in sorting through photos and putting pen to paper (or pixels to blog post). Below you'll find some images from a few of our first family walks where Ramona Jean could actually walk along with us.

Around this time Ramona was just starting to point at everything, waving at people (and places and things - basically, she just likes to wave), and climbing every step or raised surface in sight. Her vocabulary included "mama," "papa," and "baby," as well as signing for "milk" and "more." Her favourite food was blueberries (still is), and her favourite book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (specifically the Saturday page with all the junk food, of course).

When I look back at my haphazard journal from this time last year, the month that she was born, significant events included: "Slept three hours at a time in her basinet," "Wants to feed almost every hour - growth spurt?" and "Suddenly fits into all her newborn clothes (with a little wiggle room)!" Oh, how quickly things change in these early years - weeks and months even!

Her first beach experience was definitely a positive one. The girl loves all sand, dirt and rocks.

And there's a bit of our May for you. xx

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