Digital Unclutter, Part 1: Summer Daze

March 30, 2017

After a year or so of refining our physical belongings, we've reached a happy place with what remains in our home. And so, it only seems natural that this year I tackle the mountain of digital clutter that has been looming over me, out of sight except for a "low disk-space" warning every time I upload new photos onto our hard drive. Eventually I'd like to say I'm a digital minimalist, with a desktop as organized as my home - one can hope!

Anyway, this meant undertaking the task of sorting through thousands and thousands of photos, deleting and organizing, and in the process finding the real gems that were lost in all the clutter. For example, this collection from our first idyllic summer with an on-the-go toddler, bonneted and bare-legged in the great outdoors. Like first-time parents, we over documented everything, and so here's a series of well-documented evening walks, visits to the lakefront, and strawberry picking for the first time - now shared, and no longer haunting me from the depths of my overcrowded hard drive. Here's to digital uncluttering!

A day trip to High Park in early spring - I remember so clearly Ramona collecting and examining dry leaves, munching on pita chips, and trying to pick up caterpillars.

First time strawberry picking, hers and mine, nearly at the end of picking season in the warm sun. Her little white linen blouse was quickly dribbled with pink juices from the berries, and she carried that basket up and down the rows with great determination. We were just so in awe, as we always are, seeing her doing something for the first time.

Her first real trip to a beach, on Centre Island. She fell fast asleep in the carrier on the walk there, and woke when we were sitting on the shore. When she looked around and saw the sand and the waves, I remember how excited she was, and immediately went to work digging and laying flat on the sand (and occasionally having a taste). Oh, seeing these photos again has me looking forward to many more beach days in our near future.

A mouthful of papa's homemade bread, fresh and still warm.

And whew - I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest having finally "journaled" these photos in this space.


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