February / A Quick One

March 21, 2017

February came and passed, with a big downfall of snow right smack dab in the middle, and a few hints that spring will soon be on the way. On the cold days, we cozied up indoors, playing and pouring over favourite books and listening to Billy Joel (little R's obsession for a few weeks there, with Uptown Girl on repeat playing on her tiny turntable), or ventured to the library for story time. On the warmer days we went to visit friends for long walks in the forest, or stayed out till sunset together to see the last light fall on the marsh.

I can feel the restlessness that comes with winter starting to shake off as the days grow longer, as my mind starts to reawaken. So, so many good things to come this year.

Goldenrod top and bloomers, rabbit cape, brimmed bonnet, and wool coat: Tortoise and the Hare Clothing

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