March & April

June 05, 2017

A little behind on monthly recaps for the year. Here's March and April together, and fittingly, as they're the two of the moodiest months of spring. In a Jim Gaffigan comedy special that I recently watched, he had a bit about how spring is a myth - a season that we spend the entirety waiting for. Which sometimes feels like the case - waiting and waiting for spring to really begin, when this is really it; an unpredictable rollercoaster of not knowing how to dress each day, because it can change in an instant from freezing cold to scorchingly hot, sunshine to pouring rain. As much as it can drive me a little crazy, I think I love it for all of it's back and forth. The cold, rainy days are an excuse to stay in, and the warmer days in-between are appreciated more for their scarcity.

I bought this plastic baby doll for 50 cents at a secondhand shop. It's the best purchase I've ever made for her - the affection and motherly instinct she shows for that funny little baby brings me so much joy. As seen above, she even breastfeeds it.

One of our many hikes in the woods with our dear friends Veronika and Max. Searching for geese, throwing rocks into the lake, closely examining layers of mushrooms on stumps. And Ramona's favourite part is when we stop for a snack.

In March we moved my small childhood turntable into Ramona's nursery. Previously we had brought it out once in a while and let her use it with close supervision, then left it out on a trial basis in the living room for a couple weeks. Once it was clear that she could use it carefully on her own, we moved it into her room with a small selection of 45s. Since then it has been nearly non-stop Billy Joel's Uptown Girl on repeat (she throws in a little Carly Simon and the Ghostbusters theme song now and then).

On a rainy day when we needed to get out of the house we visited a local city greenhouse to make our own sunshine. Gave ourselves a little dose of summer in sandals, and cactus leggings (from Ateljee).

A sweet little hike with two bunnies before Easter. That weekend we naturally dyed some wooden eggs with turmeric, red and yellow onion skins, purple cabbage, and blueberries, and set an Easter table. We followed the wooden egg dyeing tutorial from my beautiful friend Kaity of Fare Isle.


Tortoise and the Hare Clothing - Rabbit Bonnet, white linen shirt, blue hemp pants, brimmed bonnet, wool coat
Atejlee - Cactus Leggings
Red Creek Handmade - Linen jumpsuit, striped linen dress
Fawn and Forest - Nature Tray

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  1. I love the idea of naturally dying woofen eggs! We did our hard boiled eggs that way this year, but wooden ones would last longer