Good Things Grow

August 09, 2017

Bonnets, babes, blueberries, baskets, bubble rompers. That's enough reason right there to dust off the old blog, eh? I had been looking forward to our first trip to the blueberry patch as soon as summer began, because hands down blueberries make for the best pickin' with toddlers. They're easy to pick, nice and low to the ground, and unlike most berries, they're not overly juicy or tender (we walked away without a single stain on anyone's clothes, which felt like a major victory). And your kid will stand there adorably sampling blueberries while you take way too many photos - an even bigger victory (we have so many photos from our blueberry excursion almost a year ago, and it is so, so sweet to look back and see how she's grown)! Hoping to visit a patch or two before the season is over, but if not, well, I'm sure we have enough photos and memories from this single trip to last us.

This is probably pretty irrelevant to anyone who didn't grow up in Ontario or Canada, but there were these commercials in the 80s with a jingle that went "Good Things Grow in Ontario," and that song is forever stuck in my head whenever we visit a farm or orchard. If you want to have it stuck in your head too, or at least to have a good laugh at the wonderful 80s cheeseball goodness of it, give it a watch here before you scroll through the wonderful blueberry-picking cheeseball goodness in the photos below.

Graphite Grey Linen Shirt: Not Perfect Linen
Mini Market Basket: Plum & Sparrow
White Linen Brimmed Bonnet: Rain People
Striped Bubble Romper: Red Creek Kids

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