Ramona Jean's Second Birthday

September 12, 2017

Well, here they are! A few months late (would I do it any other way, really?)! Ramona Jean's 2nd birthday photos! Cake! Presents! Friends! Family! It's all there, folks.

I have to be honest, it took me this long to edit these photos because at the time, right after her party, as I sifted through them, I felt some negativity towards them (I know, I know. Shut up, Robin). I hadn't overstressed in the planning or preparing for the party (recycled decorations and ideas from the year before), and I hadn't expected or wanted a lot out of the day except to celebrate Ramona. I even asked Patricio and my sister-in-law to take photos when I couldn't be behind the lens, which took that responsibility off my shoulders, and they captured so many beautiful moments from the day (which makes me feel bad even mentioning this).

But when I looked at the photos some control-freak-perfectionist-monster took over and I could only see how they didn't show how -I- would have documented the day. How I would have shot from this angle, or changed the ISO, or moved this or that, or captured this detail, or asked my mom to slightly move over so I wasn't shrouded in darkness in every photo of me with Ramona (Every. Single. Photo. Mom.). I let all these silly creative, controlling hurdles get in my way of enjoying the photos for what they were - a happy, honest documenting of our girl on her special day! - and I had to just sit on them for a few months to go get over myself already and let go of some of that control. Because, gosh, it's hard to let go of the need to control things sometimes, and emotions are weird - especially surrounding big social events for me (introvert over here).

So, again, here they are! A collaboration between Patricio, Sacha and I of our sweet Ramona Jean's birthday party + a few photos on her actual birthday. And I can now honestly say that I love every single one of them for all the chaos and fun and light-blocking-mothers. And, most importantly, Ramona had the BEST time at her party - and still talks about it all the time.

Opening a set of teeny-tiny Beatrix Potter books from her Tia Laura and Tio Dylan - and me making my "I can't handle how cute she is" face in the background.

Sacha knitted a tiny sweater for her baby doll, and Ramona was making her "I can't handle how cute this is" face.

And then we wheeled out the family group gift - a Kinderfeets tricycle!

Pure joy!

I used some of the little mushrooms I've been felting over the past year as decoration, along with some of Ramona's forest toys.

Just like last year, her floral crown lasted 0.2 seconds on her head.

Unbeknownst to me until afterwards, there was a series of photos of my mom's hand creeping into the frame as she tried to stealthily place the crown back on Ramona's head. It didn't work, but the photos make me laugh (even if you're blocking all the natural light, mom.)

The icing on the cake had such a funny texture before we had run out of icing sugar and the ingredients were starting to separate. Of course, this girl couldn't care less. On her first birthday she spit out the cake and icing and only ate the berries on top, but this year she couldn't get enough of the sugary goodness.

And then the frosting kicked in and the cousins were running laps, filling the apartment with excited giggles and shreaks. Best sound!

A little mini love session for her cousin, Ash.

Happy birthday, Ramona Jean!

On her actual birthday, the day after the party, we ate her favourite food (potatoes) for breakfast, went to church, and then sat her in her high chair and sung Happy Birthday to her at the time she born. She kept asking us to sing it again and again - and even now, four months later, she will occasionally ask for an encore as she sits in her high chair beneath the garland. Except she sings "Happy birthday Two Years" instead of "Happy birthday to you." And we don't dare correct her, it's so sweet.

Two-year-old portrait after church (in a different outfit because, well, potty training).

Ramona took her first steps on her first birthday last year while wearing this wooden camera (a gift from Patricio and me). We called it her good luck charm because she would put it on before she would stand and start walking.

And we finished the day with a cool evening walk on her new bike. xx

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