Part 3: Highlights

August 27, 2012

And finally (Part 1, Part 2), some additional highlights of our trip, which mostly revolve around food.

Our second night in Calgary, we ate at Buddha's Veggie Cuisine. They have a full-size vegetarian menu, and were able to tell us which dishes were not vegan.
We had the Kung Pao chicken with pecans, Ginger beef, Teriyaki Chicken, and Orange Chicken - all vegan!
 "This tastes suspiciously like chicken..."
Calgary Millennium skate park!

 Being dolled up for a 1940s photo shoot by my dear friend, Vivi.

 In Edmonton we ate out at Loma House Veggie Express. It was my least favourite of our dining out experiences during our trip (I thought the sauces were too generic tasting), but the prices were amazing! The pure fruit smoothies were to die for as well.
In Vancouver we ate at The Foundation which had the most delicious coconut, lemon rice. And our non-vegan friends enjoyed some nachos!

 We got to visit Emily Carr University and gallery on Granville Island!

We went to The Naam in downtown Vancouver. I didn't like my burger, but the salad, potatoes, and raw dessert were delicious!

 We went to see the Vancouver temple!

 Our visit to White Rock beach, at night, was my first time EVER seeing the ocean.

 I also got to hold a crab for the first time ever. There were several families on the dock crab fishing. 

 We also visited White Rock during the day!
 And I climbed White Rock... and needed some help getting down.
 I fed a raccoon potato chips out of my hands at Stanley Park! He/she was such a friendly guy/girl.

We slept in front of the Calgary temple on our drive back home!

Altogether a great trip! Thank you for reading.


  1. So fun! I didn't know you've never seen the ocean before! What did you think?

    I love your pictures with the temples.

    I need you to cook for me. All your food looks good.

    1. It felt like I was standing in front of a huge, beautiful Lake Ontario, but with crabs!, and I could actually swim in it if I wanted - but I was scared to. It seemed terrifying that it just kept going and going. One of the boys from Behind Sapphire made me promise to jump in from the pier at White Rock next time we visit.

      We love to see the temples!

      And yes! I would love to feed you! Patricio's latest phase is homemade pizza/bruschetta. Drool.