Twelves Dates of Christmas / Date Three

December 15, 2013

I seem to have a gift for visiting Elm Hill Cookies in poor weather. The first time that I visited it was pouring rain; and yesterday, on our third Christmas date, we went in the first snow storm of the season (it snowed all day and it looks magical outside!).

Elm Hill Cookies is a local bakery that popped up in our neighbourhood shortly after we got married. They have just one vegan option on the menu, but we are grateful for that one since it isn't often that we can eat out without making a minor pilgrimage to get there! And luckily, their agave-sweetened, chewy Nut Seed Bar is right up my alley (I am not a big on sweets).

We happily nibbled away on our bars, drank peppermint tea, and watched the snow fall steadily outside. The sun goes down before Patricio comes home from work these days, so going out while there's still daylight feels like a special occasion, even in the midst of a storm.

Love the little cut-out cookie details, and their vintage ribbons. You can find out why Elm Hill's cookies are uniquely square shaped on their website.

Stay warm and safe this weekend!


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    1. They sure are! We didn't have them (not vegan), but they sure looked pretty!