Twelve Dates of Christmas / Date Two

December 14, 2013

Sketching and painting at the dining room table might not qualify as a date to most people, but it's become a staple in our romantic regime these cold winter evenings. The couple that paints together stays together, right?

For the past few weeks Patricio and I have been collaborating on a His Story/Her Story project about our relationship (I gave a little sneak peak on my Instagram two weeks ago). We can't help but feel warm and fuzzy about this vanity project because it has allowed us to relive some of the little moments that made us fall in love with each other in the first place (if that doesn't make this a date, I don't know what will). We're sappy, but we're okay with that.

In other news, we were supposed to have some friends over tonight, but - just our luck - we have also had our first winter storm warning for the season here in Southern Ontario (and it is pure white and falling snow outside our bedroom window!). We'll be baking cookies and watching Christmas movies with whoever is willing to brave the snow - fingers crossed it lets up a little, but I'm not-so-secretly savouring every second of it. I love to be snowed in when I have nowhere to be.

Have a lovely weekend!

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