Digital Unclutter, Pt 2: Summer Daze-ier

March 30, 2017

As I've been sorting and organizing my digital clutter, I've been sharing photos lost in the shuffle of files, never shared on this space before from last year. This is Part 2 of last summer (you can see Part 1 HERE), because even after narrowing it down, a Part 2 felt necessary. It's safe to say I take way, way too many photos of my daughter. You don't have to tell me - believe me, I know.

Not long before summer came to a close last year, we found a local trail and lakefront park that filled a void I'd been feeling. Living in a big city, it isn't always easy to find natural spaces away from the roar of traffic, or that aren't carelessly littered with garbage, cigarette butts and broken glass. This has been our little getaway on milder days, to hike on the trails, and walk the rocky beach as the sun sets over the water.

And there's the last of Summer 2016. Better late than never, hey?


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