May 25, 2017

We had several family goals that we set together as a family (well, Patricio and I set them) at the beginning of this year. One was to do our best to exclusively support companies and brands that made their products ethically and responsibly; and another was to produce less waste. In a world of overconsumption, where global production of clothing has doubled in the past twenty years, and in the USA alone over 10 billion tons of clothing end up in landfills every year, we can see that it's important to make an effort to buy less, buy used as much as possible, and to upcycle existing materials. By purchasing used items or repurposing materials that are already available, we limit excess waste that comes from packaging, and the production process of new materials.

For this reason, I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with and share Rewilder , a brand whose core value is to repurpose materials that are already available using responsible production practices. Cofounders Jenny and Lisa define "Rewilder" as "A movement that explores new ways to create; a cultural shift toward more responsible and careful use of materials; A person committed to solving problems with utmost respect for the Earth" which perfectly describes how their company is run.

These women care. They care about the materials, and how they're made. Their bags are made from salvaged filter cloth previously used in beer manufacturing (that are typically throw out after a few weeks of use) and repurposed climbing rope from local gyms. This is the second life of these materials, turned into something beautiful, that was ethically and responsibly made in the United From what I understand, the only new material used are zippers made locally in Los Angeles. These are zero waste, zero guilt bags.

I realize that all of this responsible production mumbo-jumbo may not excite everyone in the same way that it does me - but the actual bags are pretty exciting too. For the past several weeks I've been using the new Rewilder Baby Bag. The very first thing that stood out to me is how lightweight it is. It weighs practically nothing, which means I only end up carrying the weight of the contents I put inside - quite a relief after carrying around a hefty diaper bag that felt like luggage even when it was empty. The material of the Baby Bag is durable and strong, machine washable, and quite a beautiful, unique textile (both in appearance and feel). The design of the bag is simple, but smart (with sort of a raw, industrial look), with deep pockets at the front, and a detachable zippered bag inside. It's really everything we need for what we carry around day-to-day with a toddler. If I'm being a bit nit-picky, I think the only thing that's missing is a small inner pocket for things I need to find in a hurry, like my phone or keys. Anyway, I'll quit gushing. It's obvious that I have a bit of a crush on these bags, all starting with the intention with which they're made.

And I'll forever treasure these images that Patricio helped me capture of me and my girl on one of our frequent trips to the waterfront. This is one of our favourite spots - crashing waves, skipping stones, and to-die-for evening light.

This post is in partnership with Rewilder. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Baby Bag in Carbon and Natural Brindle from Rewilder
Charcoal Linen Dress from Not Perfect Linen
Botanically-dyed brimmed Bonnet and Natural linen bloomers: Tortoise and the Hare Clothing
Linen shirt: Fin and Vince


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog! I love your gorgeous aesthetic and slow, sustainable ideas, which are sometimes hard to find in a mom blog :) I'm excited to follow along!Also, your linen dress in this shoot is lovely... I am going to check them out, it is hard to find shift dresses that are long enough

    1. So happy to have you following along, Jessica! Thank you for such a lovely comment. And I highly recommend Not Perfect Linen and that dress! But be warned, once you own one of their pieces, you will feel slightly addicted to acquiring more. The quality is beautiful - minimal and sustainable pieces you can feel truly feel good about.
      xx Robin

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  3. Your attitude.... i really am very inspired. And all photos of your life, these moments makes me better think about all our lifestyles.... thank you

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