Anniversary Continued: Weekend Date!

September 02, 2013

Our three year wedding anniversary was this past Wednesday. We decided to treat ourselves to a special weekend, using some of our hard-earned Air Miles on a hotel in downtown Toronto.

Photocredit: Urban Toronto.
We stayed at the One King West Hotel & Residence. We felt self-conscious and inadequate just walking into the lobby - the word "swanky" kept escaping my mouth.

One King West has a rich history as a former home to grocer & wine merchants in the 1800s; head office of the The Dominion Bank for 126 years (the bank vault is still located in the center of the lobby, and can be used for events); conversion to a hotel; and the construction of "The Sliver" which is now the tallest residential building in Canada.

Patricio almost immediately sat down at the desk and started to sketch on the hotel notepad. I took advantage of the room-length to run full speed and jump into bed.
After a swim in the endurance pool; a soak in the hot tub; a walk on the roof top patio; gorging on two bowls of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, tortilla chips, salsa, and chocolate almond milk; a bit of late-night mischief; and a good night's sleep, we woke ready to start our day!

The day called for rain in the early afternoon, so we forewent our plans to explore the city's beaches and parks, and instead went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I hadn't been to the ROM since before the construction of the Michael Lee-Chin "Crystal."
A good look at the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. NOT my photographical handiwork. ;)
While Patricio was not sold on the Crystal addition to this 100 year-old Toronto structure, I think that the contrast of old and new is beautiful - a piece of history and art in itself. This latest expansion has allowed for the museum to further add to its extensive and diverse contents - from a simulated bat cave to an indoor beehive, Egyptian artifacts to Asian architecture, Roman statues to Medieval armour, and an impressive permanent dinosaur exhibit!

In the Gallery of Canada we discovered a London-born artist Rex Woods, who, at a glance, we mistook for Norman Rockwell (i.e.  "Twelve O'Clock and all's well"). Woods was famously known for his Canadian Home Journal and MacLean's cover illustrations.
We immediately fell in love with Wood's delicate and feminine portrayals of women - only to find out that his works are seen by some as objectifying and idealizing of women. Go figure. I would love that rainbow quilted medallion image framed in my apartment!

My favourite picture of the day. Photobombed by a grumpy preteen tourist.

After three hours of overdosing on historically relevant artifacts (too much to take in all in one day!), we went to Fresh, a hip vegetarian restaurant with three locations in the GTA. I ordered the Powerhouse with Soba noodles, and Patricio had The Works Burger. It was our first Fresh experience - we will definitely be back for more, drool.

Afterwards we went for "Ice Creem" at the slightly run-down Kensington location of Sadie's Juice Bar and Vegan Ice Creem (also located at Bathurst & Adelaide). 

I already can't wait to plan our next anniversary! Have a happy Labour Day!