Hi. My name is Robin, and I am a twenty-something daydreamer, wife, mother and preschool teacher living in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada.

I am married to Patricio - a fine arts major, aging teenage skate punk, and mouthwatering self-taught cook. We have one daughter, Ramona Jean, born May 2015, who we are madly in love with. Together we go on humble adventurestrust in God, find joy in simple things, and adore our two cats (Henry & Oscar).

Twentyventi was born from a restless desire to create and reflect. Once an avid writer and journal-keeper, I hadn't picked up a pen since my wedding day, and after almost three years of marriage I found myself feeling unsettled with my neglected creative aspirations. I come here to record my life, share my thoughts, and meet my personal goals.

Thanks for dropping by; we hope you'll stay awhile.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me at twentyventiblog(at)gmail.com(dot)com.


  1. Hi all the way from South Africa! I absolutely adore your blog! Is there any way I can subscribe to receive emails when new posts are available to be read? :)

  2. love your blog :-))) Tijana from Kabuu